Bowling Team Event

The team the plays together, stays together!

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Mortgage Style Social Evening.

Bowling Team Event
We escaped the office for one evening together thanks to our generous Managing Director.  Bowling proved to be an interesting activity for the gang at Mortgage Style.


We were all on our best behaviour, considering we were out in public we thought we had better be.

The bowling kicked off and Marcus showed how utterly terrible his bowling skills were.  Tony started strong with a strike and Nikki was off to a slow but consistent start of ZERO.  Ceri had to warm up to a strike on the third attempt (much to Marcus’ disgust).  Lorna had managed at least two 9’s which we were over the moon with.  Nikki convinced Emma to not have the gutter barriers and to just try her best.  Emma did not disappoint.  Attempt 10, Emma smashed a strike much to everyone’s excitement only to follow on with ANOTHER strike.

Heather proved to be a dark horse with a few strikes and skilful spares.  At this point Marcus was still trying to find his game, Adrian was starting to get in the swing of things too.  Kelly tried really hard (yes she was rubbish).

The second round proved much more enjoyable, well for Marcus anyway, after scoring 63 (joint with Lorna) in round one, Marcus managed a final score of 137, beating Tony on 124 and Ceri on 106.

Actual abilities aside, lack of food available from the venue and questionable toilet facilities, we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

The atmosphere was full of banter, enjoyment and comradery.  Overall a wonderful evening with a great team.



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