Solicitors & Conveyancing

Have you already found your dream home? Well, whilst you start to work with us on sorting out your mortgage, you also need to engage the services of a conveyancer to get the legal aspects of buying or selling your home moving forward.

A property solicitor or conveyancer will deal with a range of issues to ensure the process of purchasing your property runs smoothly. In fact your lender will require you to have a suitable solicitor or conveyancer working on your behalf. Some lenders even have panels of approved solicitors so it is always worth checking with us before you appoint a firm to prevent unnecessary costs if you then have to switch.

“You are the reason we finally have our house. You have gone above and beyond at every stage and I am really grateful for your support and patience.”

They will coordinate all of the involved parties leading towards the final transfer of the property to your name which includes:

  • Land Registry queries and checks
  • Collecting and transferring cash to buy your house
  • Dealing with Stamp duty charges
  • Drawing up and assessing contracts

These with the security of experience and knowledge to deal with any potential problems such as clauses in documents and property boundaries, offers you peace of mind throughout the purchasing process.

We work in conjunction with a number of conveyancers and solicitor firms and are happy to recommend one to suit your needs. Many of them operate fixed fee arrangements for their conveyancing work so you know exactly what you will be paying from the outset.  They also offer free searches on a different property if your initial purchase falls through.

Give us a call on 01179 070 818 and we will be happy to make the introduction for you.