FAQs – Large Mortgages

Do you cater for high net worth clients?

Yes, Mortgage Style has strong relationships with specialist high net worth lenders and the private banks. We can arrange bespoke high net worth mortgages for our clients, providing a tailored, personal service. Some lenders offer higher income multiples if you earn over a certain level.

How much can I borrow?

Typically you can borrow 4.5 X your main income or 4.5 X joint income. There are exceptions where you can borrow more, even up to 5.5 x single or joint income and we will be able to advise on the maximum mortgage available subject to affordability calculations.

How much deposit do I need for a large loan?

We recommend at least a 20% deposit for very large mortgages, however, where this is not possible, we can arrange large loan bespoke mortgages with a 10% deposit subject to criteria.

Can you arrange professional mortgages?

We arrange mortgages for professionals which cater for all professionally qualified clients such as Doctors, nurses, architects, teachers and even mortgage advisers! We can confirm if you qualify for a professional mortgage if you get in touch.